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Residential & Commercial New Construction and Replacement May, 2012 NT Window, Inc.® Window & Door Lifetime Limited Warranty Congratulations on your purchase of windows & doors manufactured by NT Window for installation into your property either during new construction or as a replacement product. NT Window, Inc. is proud to support these products and will respond to your notice of product issues according to the terms and conditions set forth below.

The NT Window Promise: Single Family Home: For as long as you own and reside in your owner-occupied single family home, NT Window will, upon notice as required herein, either repair or provide replacement compo- nents as needed to correct conditions directly caused by a defect in the product as manufactured. Commercial and Multi-Family: For a period of ten (10) years from date of product sale, NT Window will, upon notice from the property owner as required herein, either repair or provide replacement components as needed to correct any of the below conditions when directly caused by a defect in the product as manufactured. This shall apply to all products installed in proper- ties other than owner-occupied single family homes. Application and Transfer: Single Family Home Warranty is made solely to the original consumer purchaser who both owns and resides in the single family home at the time NT Window products are installed and continues for such time as both that ownership and residence are maintained. In the event of a sale of the home within ten (10) years of initial product installation, this warranty shall transfer to the first subsequent purchaser without limitation. No rights under the warranty may be otherwise transferred or assigned. Commercial and Multi-Family Warranty is made solely to the owner of the property on the date of installation of NT Window products and is neither transferable nor subject to assignment. Coverage: Frame: Will be free of defects such as chipping, cracking, peeling and blistering under normal conditions subject to the limitations and considerations listed herein. Insulated Glass Unit: Will be free of defects such as impairment of vision caused by dust or condensation within the glass unit due to seal failure under normal conditions subject to the limitations and considerations listed herein.

Hardware & Parts: Will be free of defects and that under normal conditions and use will not fail and render the products unservice- able subject to the limitations and considerations listed herein. Insect Screens: Will be free of defects such as frame rust or mesh pattern. NT Window will replace any window screen frame or mesh that is defective in workmanship for a period of one (1) year after date of manufacture; however, punctures or tears are not warranted beyond the opportunity to inspect at initial receipt. CAUTION: Insect screens are not designed as a safety restraint. Limitations on Scope: NT Window shall have no obligation to address any condition not directly caused by a defect in its product as manufactured. Excluded conditions include, but are not limited to, those affected by: lack of product maintenance, misuse, mishandling, or damage to the product; extraordinary application of product, improper installation or reinstallation; alterations or modifications including but not limited to, the application of films, non-approved coatings, security systems or window treatments; atmospheric conditions, aging, fading or weathering; inert gas fill or retention, conditions which exceed product capacity, Code compliance, specific building require- ments, building settlement, construction defects; slight curvature of glass, glass deflection due to temperature or barometric pressure, glass imperfections allowable under ASTM C1036 or C1048, and any other element outside of NT Window control. Discontinued Products: NT Window may discontinue or change any product or component without notice. NT Window may provide substitutes for discontinued parts or components when a defect is apparent subject to the limitations and considerations listed herein. The choice of replacement or repair shall be in the discretion of NT Window. Required Notice: Owner must individually provide written notice under this warranty to: NT Window, Inc., Attention Warranty Claims Dept., PO Box 40547, Fort Worth, TX 76140 and to the NT Window dealer through whom the purchase was originally made. Each of the Owner’s names, property identification, and proof of status as owner, a description of the product and a description of the issue must be included. NT Window shall have no obligation

whatsoever without proper notice from owner and an opportunity to respond. NT Window Response: Upon proper notice, NT Window shall be afforded the opportunity to inspect or take other action necessary to formulate a response. Owner agrees to pay a fee for the costs of an inspection which reveals that no action is called for under this warranty. If action is required, NT Window shall proceed with resolution to repair or replace covered part or component by following the below defined labor provisions: • During the one (1) year period from date of product installation, NT Window will provide the labor at no charge for any warranted repair required subject to the limitations and considerations listed herein. • During the subsequent periods from the above, NT Window shall be responsible for providing, free of charge, replacement parts or components only and no other costs. Replacement parts or components furnished by NT Window under this warranty cannot be guaranteed to color match. A color variance may occur between replacement part and component compared to original. A repair or replacement by NT Window shall not create a warranty but rather this warranty shall continue according to its terms. In no event shall NT Window be liable for the costs of repair not provided by NT Window or any shipping costs.

Additional Terms and Conditions: Glass Only: Any decorative glass and insulated glass unit not included within a NT Window manufactured window or door is warranted only for one (1) year. Storm Products: All storm window and door products are warranted for a period of five (5) years. Vivid Color Coated Exteriors: Will be free of defects such as chipping, cracking, peeling and blistering under normal conditions subject to the limitations and considerations listed herein for a period of fifteen (15) years. Glass Breakage: Will be covered for a period of 90 days after installation if directly related to a stress fracture caused by a product defect. Glass breakage will not be covered for any other reasons. The formation of condensation anywhere other than the interior of the insulated glass unit is the result of relative humidity and is not a product defect or impairment. Any alteration of this warranty must be in writing and signed by an executive officer of NT Window. No dealer or NT Window repre- sentative shall have authority to alter in any way this warranty. Owner agrees that no action or inaction of NT Window shall constitute a waiver

 IMPORTANT OWNER INFORMATION: Exclusive remedy: This warranty is the exclusive owner remedy. It shall operate in lieu of all other remedies warranties or claims irrespective of source and NT Window negligence. Limitation of remedies: In no event shall NT Window be liable for any loss of use, lost profit, diminution in value, consequential or indirect damage of any kind. Under no circumstance shall NT Window be laible for an amount exceeding the purchase price of the affected component. Additional disclaimer: This is the sole warranty for NT Window products. All other warranties, including of merchantability and fitness for purpose, are disclaimed and excluded. Course of dealings, custom and usage, statements, labels, advertising and product representations of any kind shall not expand the scope of this warranty. Where these limitations are prohibited or otherwise altered by mandatory legal provisions, the warranty shall remain effective to the full extent of the law. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. Owner agrees that any obligation of NT Window with respect to its products is contingent upon notice as defined herein and an NT Window opportunity to respond. Product Ratings: NT Window products are often designed and tested in accordance with required standard procedures established by industry associations such as the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA) and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). These measure performance of sample products in a laboratory-type setting. To pursue consistency NT Window manufactures its products for sale utilizing the same methods and materials as in fabrication of a product for testing. All product components and manufacturing processes, however, involve an inherent range of tolerance. These and other factors can result in some variance among individual product performance.

Service Request For your convenience there are 3 easy ways to request service. 1. Contact your dealer 2. Submit your request online 3. Contact NT Window’s Service Department Please provide the information below when inquiring.

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