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The Wichita Area Builders Association has been producing the Home Show for 64 years. It has always been a very popular local event and, over the years, has expanded to include visitors from all over Kansas.

Home Owners Looking for the Best Product at a great Price and Great Service

Most of the people that attend the show are home owners or getting ready to buy their first home. About 20,000 - 25,000 people attend the Show. It maintains its popularity because these people know that they can see just about every home related product in one location. As we always say, it’s the largest window shopping spree around with over 250 exhibiting companies. Every business knows that the people attending are comparing products and doing major research. People feel free to ask questions and not feel pressured.

Remodeling and Upgrading Outdated systems:

The remodeling industry is changing. People are so busy that they require contractors to do a lot more than they did a few years ago. With Half Priced Windows, we make the process simple and customer friendly. Our Step By step process and no-pressure approach allows the customer to feel at assured that they are buying the best window and exterior product with a lifetime guarantee and professional free installation included.

People are putting their money where their home is

  • If a home is 22 years or older, most likely some of the systems are in need of being replaced or at least upgraded.
  • The life of many of the appliances and mechanical systems is nearing an end and surely aren't as efficient and convenient as they need to be.
  • Americans will spend 100 billion dollars this year remodeling. The most sought after jobs are opening up the floor plans, new kitchens, creating master suites, changing window and door systems.

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  • Thursday, February 8 2018 1:00 PM
  • Friday, February 9 2018 10:00 AM
  • Saturday, February 10 2018 10:00 AM
  • Sunday, February 11 2018 10:00 AM

Give Your Home a Fresh Look with New Vinyl Windows

Replacement windows are made to replace existing windows with minimal new construction. Using replacement windows to upgrade your existing windows can save you time and labor costs over using new construction windows. Replacement windows are an investment, they can improve curb appeal, while increasing the interior efficiency and comfort level. New windows are an investment that homeowners usually only make once or twice in a lifetime, so install the best replacement window for awesome results. If you ever sell your home, our replacement windows are a good selling feature that potential buyers will notice.

Curb appeal is important, and your house windows – are the most prominent feature that can make or break your home’s appearance. Don't put up with drafty rooms. Upgrade old, energy-saping windows for new, quality, high-efficient units for your home that swing in for easy cleaning. We offer a complete line of low maintenance residential vinyl windows in a variety of styles and color options to fit any home from traditional to contemporary.

PLUS: Installing our Energy Star Approved windows can help save you on average $300 per year.


Glass That is Easier to Use and Easier to Keep Clean, Interior and Extrerior

Maintaining curb appeal and a great look from your windows means they also need to be kept clean. Older windows can be extremely difficult to maintain from a clean. The only way to clean the exterior glass is to either really flexible and reach out on the other side or to use a ladder. Dirty windows  can really do some damage to your homes curb appeal from the street.

Popular New energy efficient windows are going to be double-hung. This means that the window can actually swing inside the home. This gives very easy access to the exterior part of the window to give it a good cleaning in very little time and no extra tools. 


A Sign of a Home That Is Well-Maintained from the Exterior

A great exterior appearance from your home can really add to its intrigue as well as in terms of the value. From Large Picture windows, to the details of basement windows. According to the reputable real estate site Zillow and research they conducted, you will recoup roughly 70% to 80% of the cost of new replacement windows in your home value immediately. These cost equal benefits they provide in a functional sense but also in a sense of visual appeal and interest. An updated home that is kept looking great from the streetgives off a sign that your home has been well-maintained and taken cared for.

In Wichita KS, Curb appeal is a major factor in terms of home value and how quickly it can be sold. Replacing old exterior windows with new highly energy efficient windows can effect its appeal and make your home look fresh to passers by, look great in photos, and brighten a home when being shown on the real estate market.


Half Priced Window is Your Local Window Company

Providing the convienience of online shopping with hand selected local installers, Half Priced Window ensures you will get the best window product and the highest quality installation guaranteed for life.

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